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MuBerzerk Update 1.0!

Dear players,

Server was updated to latest version, to enter game please update your game client with MuBerzerk Launcher.exe or download and extract this Patch manually.

Fixed issue where use of Chaos Castle tickets could warp to Lorencia Location insteadof Chaos Castle
Fixed default spawn location for newly created Rune Wizard
Fixed issue where using in-game move systems could improperly change channel number for the moving character
Fixed issue where Spear Storm skill did not use attack distance range
Fixed selection of AOE skills not using up to date checks to determine target
Fixed issue where pentagrams or errtels could drop with 0 sockets at specific case
Fixed issue where MuHelper did not use all six available buffs while in Offline levelling mode
Fixed issue where summon monsters continued attacking Raklion egg monster after they were already killed
Fixed random game client crash on opening shop or warehouse NPC
Fixed issue where devil square rank reward was not issued according to rank
Fixed issue where mix of 4th wings did not generate options properly
Fixed issue allowing to upgrade pentagrams to level higher than 10
Possible solution for random game client crash
General performance improvements of client application
Fixed issue where Evolution Monster did not change his appearance upon level up
Fixed visual issue where Evolution Monster did not attack when his level was greater than 1
Selection of fixes and improvements to Evolution Monster system
Fixed issue where Muuns did not auto repair using MuHelper
Fixed issue where Chaotic Diseier skill attack range was not applied properly
Fixed issue where placing mouse over Ruud in inventory resulted in garbage tooltip display
Fixed issue wgere Jewel of Kondar did not apply all possible excellent options
Fixed game client crash upon use of specific skills at random locations
Fixed issue where use of Solid Protection skill improperly reduced HP of party members

Currently this is only one server.